Oneg Shabbat includes the blessing on wine and bread and a social gathering immediately following the Shabbat Services. Bet Tikvah encourages members to share the planning and buying responsibilities associated with the oneg. It is a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion or to just celebrate being part of Bet Tikvah. The number of people attending services varies, but a good estimate is 15 to 20.

What the sponsor needs to bring:

(a) Two small loaves of challah (here's the answer to 'why two loaves?). You can find challah at: Giant Eagle, Whole Foods, and Trader Joe's. The challahs do not have to be kosher.

(b) Refreshments---things like snacks, fruit, cheese, candies, baked goods---
     but no meat products.

(c) Beverages, such as flavored, carbonated water, colas, juices. Bet Tikvah will provide ice for the drinks and the wine/grape juice.

What Bet Tikvah provides: all napkins, plasticware (plastic forks, knives, spoons), some serving utensils, plates, bowls, beverage cups, wine cups; grape juice, wine.

Set Up: If you are sponsoring the oneg, please arrive at least 20 minutes before services to set up in the designated Rodef Shalom venue.

Clean Up: If you are sponsoring the oneg, please clean up the room, return the Oneg boxes to their original location---in the storage room one door before the Cohen Chapel. Take home or give away all leftovers.